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About Multi-Touch Interactives

Peter Lambert, Educational technologist. Activstudio, Activprimary, Acivtable, MTI

Multi-Touch Interactives was formed in early 2018 by Pete Lambert and Nigel Pearce with the aim of creating collaborative, educational multi-touch software to run on large format devices, such as touch tables and interactive panels.


Pete and Nigel each have over 20 years experience inventing, developing and showcasing interactive software for the education sector.

As original employees at Promethean in the late 1990's, they were instrumental in the evolution of the interactive whiteboard software genre and were responsible for designing and developing Activstudio (later to become ActivInspire) and the award winning Activprimary applications.

Nigel was also credited with inventing Promethean's multi touch Activtable software solution, with Pete designing many of the multi-touch table activities.

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