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The Activity Builder

Our activities are designed and developed to be useful and relevant for a wide age range and curriculum relevance.  However, they are also designed to be easy to change.  Not every activity will be suitable for all children at all levels.  This is where you and the Activity Builder come in!

The Activity Builder is an upgrade to the free Activity House App.  Please contact your supplier for purchase options.

To get started, choose an activity type from the five available types:

activity types.png

If you want to edit an example activity that we have provided - go for it!  - and don't worry, any changes you make to the example activities won't affect it.  Your work will always be saved to your Activity Library.


The Activity Builder will display instructions and help videos on how to build an activity and will provide a step by step process for building and modifying your own activities.

If you are creating a new activity, checks will appear when each step is completed.

If you are editing an existing activity, all steps will be already checked. 


Help videos are displayed on all aspects of using the Activity Builder

This is where you write activity instructions and guidance for the users. Teachers may need to read these for younger children. You can add images here too.

Add a background color, gradient or image from our library or your own files

Add or edit containers for all activity types.  We have created lots of them for you to choose from.

Add or edit content.  These are images, shapes or text. Use or create your own or choose from our huge image library.

Assessments are optional.  You may add true/false, yes/no or multiple choice questions. 

Choose options how the activities run or offer feedback.  Also add a description and age/grade information for easy searching.

Does what it says on the button. Allows you to try it out for yourself.

Save or Save As... anywhere. The only place you can't save is to the Example Library. Always a good idea to save as you go along.

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