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11 ELA Grammar activities designed for children grades K through 1. Many activities will also be suitable for SEN and ESL/ENL.

Middle vowel missing. Children add the missing vowel to (CVC) three letter words.

Rhyme time (1), (2) and (3). Three activities where children match three letter rhyming words from their pictures, the third activity uses words only. The layouts will change every time the activities run..

Fry words wall.  Here is a word wall of 100 bricks.  Each brick has the first 100 Fry words in order of frequency.  These first 100 Fry words are the 100 most frequently occurring words in the English language.  Children need to recognize the word and change the blue brick to a brown brick.There is no scoring for this activity and incorrect matches will be returned. (Note: This is a very "busy" and time consuming activity and adult assistance may well be beneficial.)

Go togethers: Children will make pairs by matching things that always go together. There are three versions which use either words only, images only, or both words and images. Go togethers pictures, Go togethers words and pictures and Go togethers words only.

CVC words.  Matching CVC words to pictures.Incorrect items are returned to origin.

Positional words.  Positional words are prepositions that indicate where one object is relative to another. It is important to teach children positional words because they expand a child's vocabulary.

Pets at home.  Animal name matching. Pets at home.

ELA Grammar K-1

11 Activities

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