13 ELA Grammar activities designed for children grades PreK to K. Many activities will also be suitable for SEN and ESL/ENL.

Core words. This is a series of five core word activities involving word recognition, plurals and letter case. The layouts will change every time these activities run.
Core words drinks.     Core words: Water, juice, soda and milk. 
Core words food. Core words: Bread, cheese, fries and pizza.
Core words people.    Core words: Men, Women, Boys and Girls.
Core words verbs (1): Sit, play, dance and sing.
Core words verbs (2): Read, walk, write and laugh.
Alphabet jigsaw lower case. Children build a jigsaw with lower case letters in order from a to z

Alphabet jigsaw upper case. Children build a jigsaw with capital letters in order from A to Z

Color Sorting. 2 activities.  Sorting colors has many early learning benefits. Literacy: Connecting the written word with the color. Language skills: naming labeling and pronunciation. A simple color sorting activity. Links to Numeracy: Sorting is a fundamental pre-number learning concept. Children need to learn how to sort and classify before they are able to move on to work that involves numbers. 
Color sorting 1. Children match color bricks with the appropriate colored buckets. If a brick is dropped into the wrong bucket it will return to its starting location. This activity is scored by bricks contained and by the number of moves.
Color sorting 2.  This color sorting activity has just a slightly higher level of difficulty than Color Sorting 1. . Children match color bricks with the appropriate colored buckets. This activity will not return objects dropped into the incorrect bucket. The activity is scored by correct color matches and also by number of moves.
Know your colors.    Sorting colors.  Children match shades of each color to the color of the baskets and sort toys by color. Content will change each time the activity runs.

Sight words. 40 Pre-K Dolch sight words for practice.  Children recognize and say the word before dropping it into the tummy of the animal with the same initial letter.

Alphabet dominoes.    Matching images to letters and sequencing the dominoes in alphabetical order. Children can work together, individually or take turns to match the dominoes from start to end.

Real words or not.    Here's a pile of coins with some words on. These are all CVC words. Children decide if the words are real and if coins are genuine or counterfeit.  If they decide the words are real, drop the coin into the piggy bank.  If they decide the words are false then drop them in the can for recycling!

ELA Grammar PreK-K

13 Activities

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