18 geometry activities with 2D and 3D shapes, Angles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals.    
Sort 2D and 3D shapes. Sorting 2D shapes from 3D shapes.  This activity changes each time that it runs
2D or 3D shapes.There are 30 shapes on screen.  Some are 2D and some are 3D.  Sort the shapes into the correct container.  
Name 3D shapes.  Recognition of 3D shapes. Children will need to add names to match the shape on each card. The activity will change each time it is run.
Real world 3D shapes.  Recognition of real world 3D shapes. Children will need to add shapes to match the name on each card. The content will change each time the activity is run.
Recognize 2D shapes 1.    Simple recognition of 2D shapes. Children will need to match shapes to their names on each card. Content will change positions each time the activity runs.
Recognize 2D shapes 2.    Simple recognition of 2D shapes. Children will need to match names to shapes on each card.
Recognize 2D shapes 3.    In this activity children read a description of a 2D  shape and complete a fact card with a picture of the shape and its name
Recognize 2D shapes 4.    In this final recognizing 2D shapes activity, children have a description of a 2D  shape, a picture and a name.  All three should be correctly matched to complete a blank 2D shape fact card. Because this activity is less structured, there is no scoring and children will need to agree all cards have been correctly completed before finishing the activity.
Identifying Angles.    5 activities with children identifying types of angles.  Acute, Obtuse, Right and Reflex angles.
Quadrilaterals.    3 activities where children identify 5 types of quadrilateral based on name, description and a diagram.
Types of triangle.    Children identify types of triangle by their internal angles.  Acute, Right and Obtuse triangles.

Match 2D and 3D shapes.  Children match the 3D shape to its 2D equivalent.

Label parts of a circle.  Labeling activity for parts of a circle.



18 Activities

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