Telling Time K-3

8 Activities

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Telling the Time. 

Can children recognize numbers up to 60? Count to 60?  Can they count to 60 in fives?  These are useful pre-requisites when children are learning to tell time. These activities are suitable for children from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Practice clock.    K - 2    Just for fun. Children could work in pairs, or with an adult to show times on the clock face by dragging both hands into correct positions. The partner or the adult can call times from a pre-prepared list or make up random times for the children to display on the clock face. There is no scoring for this activity.

Number clock    K    Children will drag numbers on to a blank clock face.

Show the time.   Children take it in turns.  One calls out a time and the other drags the hands to display the time on the clock face.  If they both agree the time is right, then they swap roles. There is no scoring shown for this activity.  Up to 4 pairs could work simultaneously. 

Time (1), (2) and (3).    K - 1    Three differentiated analog clock activities. Level 1 - on the hour/o'clock. Level 2 - on the hour/half hour. Level 3 - use the clock to work out other times. Content will change position every time the activity runs.


Time analog to digital/digital to analog.     2 - 3    These two activities will help children practice matching analog time to digital time and vice versa, using the 12-hour clock.