Amazing activities for any touchscreen

Here at Multi-Touch Interactives we develop collaborative educational activities.  These highly interactive activities are designed specifically for elementary/primary age children and cover a wide range of curricula.  Many activities are also suitable for use in some special educational needs situations.


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ProColor Touch Screen Table For Cooperative Learning In The Class

Our aim is to produce a range of curriculum focused activities.  They are designed specifically for interactive touchscreens which may be horizontal or vertical surfaces of any size.


Activities include, Labeling, Matching,Sequencing, Sorting and Timelines and will be designed and produced sequentially over time based on templates.

We see these activities being used for practice, remediation or extension of learning goals. With children either working individually or ideally, working collaboratively around a interactive, multi-touch table.

Each activity type will have an "Activity Builder" to guide educators for creating their own, or to modify existing example activities.  We have created and plan to create, many more exemplar activities of each type. 

Activities run in full screen or up to four quadrants simultaneously, with nine activity layout options.


These activities run exclusively for and in the Windows 10  environment.

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